Chrysalix SET manages venture capital Funds to provide global strategic and financial investors an opportunity to participate in the European technology sector that impacts the future of energy. Digital innovation is enabling the energy sector - the largest and most critical industry in the world - to fundamentally change the we source, produce, distribute, store, use and manage energy. Addressing these most pressing challenges related to the future of energy creates opportunities for innovators to reach new global markets.

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"Compare how we are living today with what we did ten years ago: it is indisputable that technology develops at an exponential rate, also within the energy sector. Our world’s energy production, distribution and usage will change dramatically; there is little doubt about that",

says Rene Savelsberg, CEO and founder of Chrysalix SET.

Chrysalix SET’s mission is to drive the success of businesses in technologies that impact the future of energy in the world, by focusing on Profit (creating value) and supporting People (management teams), thereby underlining the importance of sustainable activities for our Planet.

Energy – It is the world's largest industry and the global demand for energy continues to rise, while a strong momentum for change is happening.

The road ahead is clear: alternative energy solutions and energy efficiency measures are needed to secure that the world’s energy needs will continue to be covered – now and in the future. Meeting the demands of all stakeholders will require significant investments on the energy supply side, the distribution and storage of energy, as well as in the tools and technologies that enable the efficient use of that (renewable) energy. This will have a lasting impact on our energy mix and the way we use this crucial resource.

A strong momentum for change has been created by

  • concerns about dependency on foreign resources for energy
  • the potential of global warming
  • increasing and highly volatile prices of the finite amounts of fuels
  • technology breakthroughs in materials and computing power.

Governments encourage the drive for renewable energy and "good behavior" through emission targets, taxes and incentive schemes. Companies set objectives concerning environmental social governance ("ESG") and modify their product portfolios accordingly to become more sustainable. Consumers demand insight into and control over their own energy consumption as well as their own energy production.

In this dynamic environment, Chrysalix SET operates to find, select, grow and exit leading European technology companies thus providing value for both financial and strategic investors.